Jenn's Healing

I AM a woman, mother (of an incredible, talented and beautiful daughter), realtor, yogini, vegan, dog lover, passionate tree hugger and survivor of a son lost to suicide.


After this terrible loss, including the loss of a brother & mother as well as having challenges with skin cancer and dealing with the end of a 22 year marriage, it was clear that I was being called to do some deep healing and Soul retrieval. Trying to keep myself together emotionally, mentally and physically, I explored many alternative health avenues, finally discovering my biggest catalysts in healing: yoga and plant medicine. 

From my first plant medicine ceremonies, I found new calmness & clarity.  The medicine experience was profound, as it provided not only physical healing but release of my most deeply held inner traumas.  Not only did the medicine experience provide this healing, but it also opened up channels to spirit, mother earth & the universe. This solidified  the curious need deep in my heart to continue learning & living in a calm and spiritual way. 

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On a 7 week stay in Costa Rica,  I received my 200-hour yoga teacher training and on a number of stays in Costa Rica I began studying the integration process that accompanies a plant medicine ceremony. Seven years after my biggest loss, and after several years on my healing and spiritual journey, I am ready to hold sacred space for others on the path of healing and awakening. I offer integration counselling both in and out of ceremony with loving compassion. I have completed trainings in both hatha & vinyasa yoga, as well as yin yoga, kundalini yoga, fusion fire pilates, yoga nidra, suspension yoga, moksha yoga and have training in teaching yoga to youth, and the neurobiology of yoga and depression. More recent workshop participations include Wim Hof, shakti dance, sound healing, cacao ceremony and acro yoga.

We are in this together

As we heal ourselves, we heal each other and our beautiful mother earth. I believe in connection - connection with the mind & body and to each other, and leaving judgement behind. This is why I’ve been called to facilitate healing retreats: I have experienced a profound healing within myself that couldn’t have happened without the teachings of yoga and the master plants. We heal faster together, and when we are all equally as invested in our healing and awakening - magic happens.  I open my heart to this path of space-holding, bringing all that I have learned along my journey to the intimate healing container of a retreat. If you are feeling the call to dive deep into this journey with me, please check out my latest offering: The 2020 Vision Quest Retreat. It is going to be the most transformative journeys I've yet to embark on, and can't wait to join together as a tribe uplevel into the new year!

"We are all just walking eachother home"

~ Ram Dass